BlueStar Charity Virtual Live Auction
9 Dec 2020, 8PM

This Virtual Live Auction event is only open to registrants and participants of the BlueStar 2020 Charity Virtual Walk.

If you are interested to bid for any of these items, please email:

Auction Brochure:

Download Auction Brochure PDF

Truly TL32-C Home Safe

TL-32C Home Safe Truly TL-32C (combination lock + keylock for dual protection) TL-32 home safe is tested to provide 60 minutes of fire protection for your paper records in accordance to KSG 4500 standard. It


Juno Gin (New Zealand)

Juno Gin (New Zealand) 700ml ALC 40% A goddess amongst gins, Juno's signature Extra Fine is a hand-selected, harmonious blend of pure New Zealand mountain water and the finest botanicals and spices. London Dry Gin,


Juno Vesta Vodka (Coffee)

Juno Vesta Vodka (Coffee) Vesta Vodka is a brand new line-up from the distillery of Juno Gin. Vesta Vodka follows Juno's organic principles, creating this uniquely taste coffee vodka. The final bidder will get to


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