Project Description

Aries Gold RC2(RC9004 RG-W) Singapore Red Cross limited-edition

Singapore Red Cross 70th Anniversary timepieces.
These beautiful numbered watches are a meaningful way to show your support for, or affiliation to, our homegrown humanitarian organisation, and the worldwide humanitarian movement.
The watches are powered by Japanese Seiko Automatic. Each watch also comes with a 3 year limited warranty.

Aries Gold, a Singaporean company renowned for their unique designs of watches and accessories, can be traced back as far as 1970s, was started out by a Singaporean named CK Woo. In 2019, Red Cross celebrated her 70th anniversary and a collaboration was made between Aries Gold and Red Cross, giving birth to a limited releases of Aries Gold x Red Cross watches. These watches are limited to 70 pieces per design. RC2 is powered by a Seiko NH-36A movement with a Power Reserve over 40 hours.

Some facts of Seiko NH-36A movement
1. Seiko’s movement for 3rd party makers
2. Exactly the same as Seiko 4R36

Retail Value: $250
Starting Price: $125

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