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Juno Gin (New Zealand) 700ml ALC 40%

A goddess amongst gins, Juno’s signature Extra Fine is a hand-selected, harmonious blend of pure New Zealand mountain water and the finest botanicals and spices. London Dry Gin, 40%abv, supplied in 700ml black glass bottle with organic ink ceramic label and a 200ml black bottle with paper-stock label.

Juno is the handiwork of husband-and-wife duo Jo and Dave James. They met at primary school in New Plymouth and two years ago, this unassuming couple, left their careers and combined their science backgrounds and passion for gin to start dreaming and experimenting to craft their ideal gin.

Juno Extra Fine Gin has juniper at its heart with coriander bringing warmth and a hint of lemon.

Other key botanicals in Extra Fine gin include orris root, kaffir lime leaves, green cardamom, Angelica root, manuka and cassia bark.

For our seasonal variants, we use what is fresh and plentiful, the fruits and leaves that have flourished through the season.
Juno Gin has won international acclaimation from IWSO, claiming Silver for IWSO San Francisco, HK 2018, Bronze for IWSO London 2018, Silver for IWSO 2019 for London and Singapore.

Retail Value: $190
Starting Price: $95

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