BlueStar 2020 Dance Instructors

Donate & join the fun to stay healthy!

Donors get to join the Virtual Dance Workout Party led by dance workout instructors in KPOPX, Hip Hop and Zumba.
Kick-off: 28 Nov 2020 & Finale: 13 Dec 2020.

Donate digitally & join us in this exciting BlueStar Charity Asia event where you will get to participate in a virtual walk, workouts, auctions & performances!

Your donation will go a long way in assisting residents with severe mental and physical disabilities at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled.

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Meet your Virtual Walk Leaders!

Jessi, Zumba Instructor


“Zumba has been part of my fitness life since I joined my 1st Zumba class in 2016. The Beats, the groove and the Zumba people you dance with, makes you want more!

Besides Zumba fitness, I am also a certified STRONG Nation™ instructor.

My passion is to reach out to people and motivate them to get fit and lead a healthy lifestyle.
My slogan: “There is a will, there is a way.”

Zumba Jessi biography:


Christine Chok, Zumba Instructor

Christine Chok

“When I first joined Zumba workout as a participant in 2016 i fell in love with Zumba; enjoyed the outdoor and studio sessions. Under the influence of my mentor, I became a certified Zumba instructor in Dec 2019. Teaching has changed my lifestyle, health and widened my friends network, brings me lots of joy and happiness. I believe there is no age limit to learning dancing. Look forward to seeing you in my class!”

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Linda Teo, KPOPX Instructor

Linda Teo

“Exercise has been a part of my life since schooling days, having enjoyed Aerobics, Les Mills programmes, Muay Thai, etc. Currently a KpopX Fitness Instructor, my satisfaction comes from seeing my participants having fun while keeping fit, and enjoying the music at the same time!”

KPOPX Linda Teo’s biography:


Karen Aya Takahashi, Hiphop Instructor

Karen Aya Takahashi

“Dancing is my passion.

I have loved dancing since I was young. I enjoy choreographing & teaching different types of dance such as Street Jazz, Latin, Contemporary & modern. Dancing Hip hop is where my heart skips most and I am an expert in. Hip Hop is a popular & energetic dance genre usually accompanied by hip hop R&B music. Hiphop not only creates our unique identity and an expression in exploring new grounds it is also a great cardio workout.

I led mass events such as Color Run Sg for 3 years & Health Promotion Board. I am also conducting a “Spice it up” Training workshop for fitness/dance instructors.

Can’t wait to see you in this event. Let’s all dance & sweat it out in your coolest hip hop swag! See ya!”

Hiphop Karen’s Aya Takahashi biography:


Pasta Weixiang, KPOPX Instructor

Pasta Weixiang

“I started out young in the dance industry due to my family. I have been involved with Chingay and NDP almost every year and then I got introduced to Zumba and KpopX Fitness in the year 2019 and have loved it ever since. The biggest event for dance fitness that I have taken part in is the KpopX Fitness Anniversary.

I am glad to be part of this industry and hope to take part in more of the upcoming events!”

KPOPX Pasta Weixiang biography:


Paige, KPOPX Instructor


“I am an enthusiastic and very passionate KpopX Fitness trainer who enjoys interacting and motivating people.

Apart from conducting KpopX Fitness classes, I have also been actively involved in many major events like Chingay 2018 and KpopX Fitness Anniversary events. I have participated in various mass workout events and also taken part in the KpopX Fitness 5th Anniversary which is one of the biggest Kpopx Fitness event held at Johor Bahru in December 2018.

The most important part of my job as a KpopX Fitness Trainer, is to see my participants enjoying all my classes and also to stay healthy and happy always!”

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