Celebrity Chef: Royce Lee

BlueStar 2021 Personalities Series BlueStar 2021 Personalities Series - Celebrity Chef Royce Lee says, "I want to tell the society to not merely give ex-convicts a 2nd chance, but rather another chance to look at us in a different angle' Listen to his exclusive interview and find out why he supports

Ambassador: Ayden Sng

Ayden is a bilingual and musically-gifted talent graduated from Duke Univerity (Durham, NC, USA) and Raffles Institution - he can play the violin, piano and his achievements as an Er Hu musician was impressive! Ayden was previously a member of the Singapore National Youth Chinese Orchestra. A fresh face in TV,

Ambassador: Fandi Ahmad

Fandi Ahmad is synonymous with Singapore football; he has delighted audiences with his football skills for over four decades. Fandi, fondly addressed as a national legend, was the Captain of Singapore’s national football team from 1993-1997 and has won three Southeast Asian Games silver medals amongst other accolades. As a masterful striker

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