BlueStar Launches Virtual Charity Walk to Raise S$150,000 for the Red Cross Home for the Disabled

  • BlueStar 2020 Virtual Charity Walk will kick-off on 28 November 2020 and end on 13 December 2020, requiring participants to complete 28 km within a 15-day period
  • This is the third year BlueStar has organised BlueStar Charity Walk to raise awareness and much needed funds for persons with severe disability at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled
  • BlueStar’s mission emphasizes on promoting a healthy lifestyle and a charitable community who can give joy and spread love to the underprivileged and less fortunate in our society, especially to the residents of the RCHD, and to promote a healthy lifestyle amongst its donors and sponsors

Singapore, 29 October 2020 – BlueStar 2020 (“BlueStar or the “Movement”) will be changing the format of the event this year by organizing the BlueStar 2020 Virtual Charity Walk from 28 November 2020 to 13 December 2020 (this or the “period”). Now in its third year, BlueStar was first initiated in 2018 by a group of like-minded old boys and girls of ex-NPCC Cadet Inspectors and friends, who have come together to raise funds and uplift the lives of residents at the Red Cross Home for the Disabled (“RCHD”), Singapore’s only residential home for the severely disabled.

In the previous years, the Movement organized a 5.28 km walk for its participants and sponsors. However, due to COVID-19 restrictions and in consideration of the health and safety of its participants, BlueStar decided to launch a Virtual Charity Walk instead. Participants are encouraged to make a minimum donation of S$28.00 and are expected to complete a total walking distance of 28 km at their own time, own pace and preferred venue during this period while observing circuit breaker rules1 during this period. Participants will receive a BlueStar 2020 Finisher gift pack, valued in excess of $150.00 upon completion of the 28 km walk. Registration for the BlueStar 2020 Virtual Charity Walk starts now and shall be closed on 27 November 2020 at 1700 hours. BlueStar 2020 is targeting to raise S$150,000.00 from the BlueStar Virtual Charity Walk for the residents of the RCHD. The main usage of the funds would be to cater to the diapers needs of all residents at the RCHD. The annual expense for procuring diapers for the residents at the RCHD is estimated to be approximately S$100,000.00.

The “1 Million Steps Challenge”

In line with our theme to promote healthy living among our sponsors and to raise more awareness of the RCHD, the 17-strong BlueStar 2020 Organising Committee launched the 1 Million Steps Challenge to show appreciation and gratitude to the donor and sponsors of BlueStar 2020. Corporates or individuals may choose in each of the sponsor categories in the table below to donate to the BlueStar 2020 Virtual Charity Walk. In return, the BlueStar 2020 Organizing Committee consisting of 17 individuals will pledge to walk a total of 1 million steps in their names during this period.

Benefits for the Sponsors and Donors

All donations will be entitled to 2.5 times income or corporate tax relief. The Singapore Government’s Community Silver Trust will match $1.00 for every $1.00 donated. Furthermore, the Singapore Tote Board will match $0.20 to every $1.00 donated. In total, every $1.00 donated will result in an additional $1.20 raised for the residents of the RCHD.

Commenting on the BlueStar 2020 Virtual Charity Walk, Mr. Steven Lau, Chairman of BlueStar, said, “Despite the challenges presented to us by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have decided to soldier on to build awareness and to raise much needed funds for the residents of the RCHD. These residents are intellectually and physically challenged, requiring 24/7 devoted care and attention by the care workers at RCHD. All of them require assistance to use the bathrooms and most require feeding support by the care workers just to have their routine meals. Some residents have families who visit regularly; others reside at the RCHD without any known family members; while some have been there since a young age. RCHD is the safe haven for these less fortunate residents. Your kind donations and sponsorships will go a long way towards giving joy and spreading love to them so that they can continue to live a dignified life.”

Adding on the BlueStar 2020 Virtual Charity Walk, Mr. Johnny Tang, Head of Partnerships and Development, Singapore Red Cross, said, “We are very grateful to BlueStar for stepping up with a societal cause and mission to raise funds and generate awareness for the RCHD. That has enabled us to reach out to more people from different walks of life for a common purpose. We would like to express our topmost gratitude and appreciation to your generous donations and sponsorships in the coming weeks. We hope everyone will be safe and healthy, observing circuit breaker rules while enjoying the walk.”

About the Red Cross Home for the Disabled (“RCHD”)

The Singapore Red Cross is an independent humanitarian organisation dedicated to protecting human life and dignity, relieving human suffering and responding to emergencies. RCHD was established in 1952, is the only residential home for the severely disabled in Singapore. It aims to improve the lives of its resident population in excess of 100, from children to adults as well as their families – through respite and day activity services. Majority of the residents have multiple severe disabilities and come from low-income, under privileged families.

With a team of dedicated nursing professionals, therapy and healthcare aides, physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists, the RCHD provide quality care to those who are unable to care for themselves due to their unfortunate disabilities. We have activities to enhance the mobility, stimulate their mind, engage and bring joy to the residents.

They seek your generous support in making a difference through this meaningful event. Your support will enable the continual, uninterrupted delivery of vital services for the RCHD.

For more information, please visit the website at or email them at

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