BlueStar 2020 is a charity movement initiated by a group of like-minded old boys and girls of ex-NPCC Cadet Inspectors and friends, who have come together and organised a Charity Virtual Walk in aid of the Red Cross Home for the Disabled (“RCHD”) in 2020. We are in our third year and we plan to raise $150,000 for the RCHD in 2020.

You’ll be pleased to know that your Individual or Corporate donations will be entitled to 2.5 times tax relief. The Singapore government’s Community Silver Trust will match $1 for every $1 donated. What’s more, the Singapore Tote Board, will match $0.20 to every $1 donated. In short, every $1 donated by you will result in an additional $1.20 raised for the Red Cross Home for the Disabled.

It is not about how much we Give, but it is about how much Love we put into Giving.

Steven Lau • Chairman of BlueStar 2020


The Red Cross Day Activity Centre in Jurong provides therapy for up to 39 vulnerable clients who are both physically and mentally disabled.


The Red Cross Home for the Disabled provides 24/7 care for up to 100 adults and 30 children who are both mentally and physically disabled.


We provide our residents with a range of physical activities to enhance their mobility, and creative activities to engage and bring joy to the residents.


We have a team of over 40 nurses and care staff along with a team of physical, occupational and speech therapists who provide 24/7 care year round.

BlueStar 2020 Charity Virtual Walk

Come register and join in the BlueStar 2020 Charity Virtual Walk today! All donations will go towards the Red Cross Home for the Disabled.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, our event format this year has changed to a virtual one. Registration begins on 1st Oct 2020. Blue Walkers like yourself only have to donate at least $28, and walk 28km for a 15 day period, between 28 Nov 2020 and 13 Dec 2020.

Each BlueStar walker can collect a Finisher Gift Pack with the event T-shirt and gift vouchers valued over $180 at Red Cross House, 15 Penang Lane. Collection details will be sent via email to registrants. And we will be delighted if you will wear our T-shirt as you continue your walk activities to promote and support the BlueStar Charity Walk spirit!

Click the Register button below to join in and do good today!

Every step counts, $1 for 1km, 2km per day.



109, 2020

Head of Marketing and Promotions


Renee Tan is the Founder and Managing Director of Hashtaqs Pte Ltd, specialising in uplifting businesses in brand transformation and marketing advisory/implementation online and offline, and internationalisation. She consulted for companies in tech, shipping, education, retail, MICE, and many others.

She’s also the Founder of H.E.R Entrepreneur, an inclusive and diverse regional community and omni-channel media platform which inspires, educates, empowers and also connects the ecosystem of entrepreneurs, leaders, government and investors across Asia through online content, monthly LearnXNetwork sessions and the yearly summit that was held in Singapore and Malaysia. Her yearly conference gathers C-suites and Founders to discuss, connect and forge potential partnerships.

She’s the Chief Producer for the Virtual HASH Asia Summit which was recently held that gathers business owners, industry leaders, government and investors across Asia to discuss business strategies to survive, thrive and grow amidst the pandemic.She was a recipient of the Brands For Good Award in 2019 and was featured in The Business Times. She had been invited to speak in several SME events and events for the MICE industry across the region.

Her business and herself was featured in several media platforms such as 938FM, Astro Radio, e27,The Economist, CNA, News5, Marketing in Asia, The Business Times etc.

109, 2020

Head of Fundraising


Kelvin has close to 9 years of working experience in a foreign financial institution. He enjoys building meaningful relationships and providing comprehensive solutions to meet the needs of his clients. Over a casual conversation with the founder and Chairman of BlueStar, Steven Lau in late 2019, Kelvin realised the gross deficit in the level of support for the severely disabled in our society. Kelvin made a resolution to pay it forward and he decided to join Steven in the Organising Committee of BlueStar 2020.

109, 2020

Head of Programs


Since his youth, Yong has volunteered at a guitar orchestra and community activities. He had worked in Marketing in the Oil & Gas industry, as a Consultant in one of the Big 5 consulting firm, and in Strategic Planning and Global Business in an IT Services company. He enjoys sailing, and volunteer as a member of the Race Management Team at national regattas. He is enthusiastic about being a new member of the BlueStar committee, and look forward to contributing to the Red Cross Home for the Disabled.

While planning for the Charity Walk Programs, the COVID-19 pandemic struck. However, the BlueStar team quickly converged to his concept of ‘Virtual Charity Walk’ and ‘Virtual Fundraising Auction’. The BlueStar teamwork in the rapid transition is amazing, and he hopes that the public will eagerly sign up for the virtual programs.

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As long as we have the physically and mentally challenged residents with us, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life. It is only a click away for you to start making a difference today.

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