Sam has deep and rich experience in the IT, Construction, Retail, F&B, Manufacturing and Education sectors. Being a serial entreperneur, he has started and exited various businesses.
In 2015, Sam initiated FCWDS project (FW job mobility platform) with MOM, IMDA and SCAL, a pmobile platform catering specifically to the needs of the foreign workers.
He then founded Aptiv8 Pte Ltd and was appointed by MOM to develop and co-own a mobile app “Fwapp”, afirst mobile job portal for migrant workers which will allow all foreign workers in Singapore to communicate directly with MOM and have access to various online services.
Sam also manages two other businesses, one specializing in Smart Construction and Smart City Solutions, and the other providing B2B Procurement Services and Corporate Membership Platform.
Sam is highly passionate in doing charitable work in his leisure time and looking out for the needy.